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Dear Made4u customers, we understand the impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) on our daily lives.

In Made4u, we are doing our best to heighten our safety and hygiene standards by implementing new Standard of Procedures across the region.

Latest update on Made4u's SOP (as of Sept 2021)

• To give our customers a peace of mind, our cleaning partners must be vaccinated to be able to perform any jobs. Cleaning partners who are in quarantine status or exhibit any covid-19 related symptoms are also not allowed to accept jobs.

• To help maintain a safe environment for all, customers who make booking must not be in quarantine status or exhibit any covid-19 related symptoms. It is strongly advised for customers to be vaccinated before proceeding in making a booking.

• While ensuring a smooth experience for your bookings, safety for all is our top priority. Thank you for your understanding on any re-arrangements that may happen during this period.

Made4u's SOP

We are in line and up-to-date on the Government' safety and hygiene procedures.
All our cleaning partners are required to wear a mask and carry hand sanitizers during a job.
We have provided extensive training and briefings to our cleaning partners regarding pandemic precautions.
We are immediately informed by our cleaning partners if they feel unwell or experienced any symptoms of COVID-19.
The cleaning partner’s account will be temporarily suspended in the event of coming in close contact with COVID patients, until the swab test results are out.
Quick response from our Customer Support Team to assist in customer enquiry and requests.

Important Information For
Made4u Customers

What Can You Do:

Let our cleaning partners wash his/her hands and feet prior to entry.
Stay up-to-date with your residence’s new Standard of Procedures to make sure no rules or regulations are violated.
Make sure our cleaning partners (Local/Foreign) is able to gain access for entry to residences to avoid late services.
If you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, you may inform us to postpone the service at least 24 hours notice before service day.
Able to postpone the services until further notice (at least 1 day notice for postponing next day booking).