About Made4u

Who are we

Previously known as Made4u, we first came into existence in 2019 with one simple goal - to make home cleaning affordable and convenient. This goal has created impacts much larger than we have anticipated.

Customers were enjoying the liberation of time since having a helping hand in their home care, and were turning to us for all things home care. Our cleaning partners were enjoying a sense of financial confidence and work flexibility from being a part of the brand.

The smile on both our customers and partners faces have taught us one thing - we’re on the right path. And it strengthened our resolve to do more. To make it even more convenient for our customers to care for their home. To help even more home care partners gain independence and confidence.

This resolve has led us to reinvent ourselves. To go beyond cleaning, and be a one-stop platform for all your home care needs. To redefine the future of home care services.

And hence, HOMICO was born.

Our Social Mission
We believe that everyone deserves the chance for better life quality, regardless of background, gender and ability. And that better life quality can start from the comfort of homes. After all, home is where the heart is.

Our Vision

  • To make home care convenient so it does not disrupt your lifestyle, allowing you to do more of what you love.

Our Mission

  • To provide sustainable income opportunities, allowing them to gain independence and financial confidence.

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